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Manage Your Backflow & TMV Devices

Start working with Tradehack - make your plumbing business more efficient and more compliant.

Available 24/7

Run your backflow business at any time of the day that suits you.

All the tools you need

Manage your clients, locations, devices, staff, licences, authorities and jobs in one place.

Never miss a device again

Built in notification system gives you peace of mind knowing you won't be missing upcoming jobs.

Suitable for business small and large

Our backflow and TMV management tools are perfect for any sized business. If you only manage one site, or hundreds, you can easily manage your clients, lower the amount of paperwork necessary, and increase revenue with automatic booking notifications. It's the first backflow management software designed by plumbers for plumbers.

Key Features

We have packed in all the tools you need to manage your backflow & TMV devices in one place.

Compliant with Australian Standards

Our backflow and TMV tests are compliant with AS 2845.3:2010 and AS 4032.3:2022

Job Scheduling

Easily schedule upcoming jobs from our job planning tool, and execute jobs from our job schedule page.

Test on any device

Mobile, tablet or old fashion computer, however you want to test your devices we have made it easy.

Generate backflow test reports in compliance with AS 2845.3:2010

Generate TMV test reports in compliance with AS 4032.3:2022

Receive notifications for upcoming tests

Schedule jobs and allocate to your plumbing staff

Track customers who have multiple locations

List all backflow and tmv devices at each site

Admin staff can quickly & easily schedule your upcoming jobs

Automatically sends test reports to council or state authority

Automatically notify customers of expiring devices

Previous test histories at your fingertips

Device &location photos and GPS coordinates assist in locating and identifying devices

Test assistant shows which fields are required and identifes if results are out of spec

Log, Manage & Report on Water Filter Replacements
Corporate Account Only

Log, Manage & Report on Emergency Device, such as Eye wash, Shower & Drench Hoses
Corporate Account Only

Create custom asset registers
Corporate Account Only

Test Assistant easily guides you through the required fields for each device in order to produce compliant reports as well as provide instant feedback when test results are outside of the Australian Standard and in a fail condition, allowing testers to quickly identify devices that are in need of maintenance.

  • Quick visual responses to test inputs
  • Highlight alerts when results out of spec
  • Identifies devices that have failed tests

Easily schedule upcoming jobs

Tradehack has a powerful job planning tool which allows you to quickly search for devices that are about to become due for testing and schedule jobs to testers.

  • Search upcoming job locations up to 12 weeks out
  • Quickly schedule jobs for testers
  • Never forget a device again

What Our Users Say

We're so proud to have such amazing users.

Tradehack has dramatically increased the speed in which we can complete backflow and TMV testing. Once the valve and client details have been entered and you are testing them it takes less half a minute to complete the paperwork and send the form9 to council. The features of having valve photos and geotagging is very handy when new tradesmen go to site for the first time. After using other systems it is easy to see why Tradehack is the best.

Jordan Patterson

Easy to use onsite and in the office. This is the best time saving app around, at Backflow Management, we've tried and tested a couple of the competitors apps and Tradehack wins hands down. Michael and his team are very accommodation, and easy to work with. If you want a professional product that ticks all the boxes - don't hesitate to use this one. Can't recommend highly enough. A+

Alli Brown

Tradehack is one of the most well-designed trade based software we have come across. Emu Plumbing uses & recommends Tradehack to all plumbers who do Backflow & TMV testing- it's a game changer. Andrew & Michael deserve a big pat on the back- it's vision like this that keeps improving our industry. Thanks guys!

Tony Bonehill
Emu Plumbing

I have found the Tradehack program for reporting Backflow and TMV valves easy to use and the back up from the team at Tradehack has been very supportive and I highly recommend them .

Kevin Silk

Tradehack has made Backflow and TMV commissioning / Servicing so much easier to keep track of with the automatic reminders sent out and time saving with all the pre entered details/data for each client.

Blake Poisel

Tradehack has to be the best backflow program in the country. I have been using Tradehack for over four years now and the program has saved me an untold amount of hours. Now before i leave the job,council has recieved the form 9 as well as the customer. The form 9 is also waiting for me in my inbox. The program is invaulable to my clients as the program notifies them of the annual due date for testing which means no show causes from council and the job carried out on time. I can also plan ahead with the program. TMV testing is also on the program which again makes life a lot easier. I can not recommend Tradehack highly enough to back flow testers. Until you use it you dont realize how much time you can save and how easy it is to use. I would be lost now without it.

Rex Barnes

Tradehack is an excellent piece of software for anyone involved and Backflow and TMV testing. Tradehack allows client, location and valve data to be retaining in the system from year to year and these details don't need to be manually entered on every Form 9. Form 9's are sent electronically to council and the client and you can set reminders for recurring testing. We highly recommend Tradehack for Backflow and TMV testing.

NCP Group

Great program for the back flow testing tool box

Josh Forbes

This is a tool we couldn't live without. Keeps inspectors and council of our back. Michael is great to deal with. The program is fantastic.

Pipe Doctor

Great platform for administering customers asset register, simplifying testing procedure & automatically lodging forms with council. We have been a long time user of this system & are very happy with its performance!

Peter King

Best ever Backflow testing program Mick and his team are very helpful Should have signed up sooner User friendly and affordable Highly Recommended

Rob Brouwers

Great system for managing you Backflow register. Form 9 can be done on site from an iPad or a mobile phone and emailed straight to the client.

David Campbell

Rose NiaNia